By the inventors of holistic cosmetics

Born from the association of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western Aromatherapy, PHYTO 5 was born in France in the 1970s and established its only current production site in Fleurier, Switzerland, in 1979, in a natural and preserved location. .

From the outset, the vocation of PHYTO 5 has been to offer beauty and well-being professionals the know-how necessary to achieve the most complete holistic experience possible.

Coming from both an ancestral discipline and cutting-edge Western research, the PHYTO 5 holistic care ranges and the associated professional treatment protocols aim to reveal the natural beauty potential that lies dormant in each of them. -We.

The greatest source of beauty is found within. It only asks to be revealed. It's called Inside-Out GLOW.


✨ Creation of the first professional treatment protocols and energetic cosmetic products, capable of acting beyond the skin. PHYTO 5, creates which will become holistic beauty.


✨ The brand is building its own laboratory in Fleurier, Switzerland, in a protected and natural location. Even today, the Val-de-Travers Valley is a Swiss symbol of purity and naturalness. The drinking water is pure spring water and nature is intact and preserved.


Design of the Biostimulator, professional device capable of increasing the resonance phenomenon between the body and holistic care products.


Invention of the Biodrainer, a natural and non-invasive drainage device, capable of intelligently draining the 5 fluids present in the human body.


Pioneer in light treatment: Dualchroma is born. This chromatherapy device, whose light is close to that of the sun, interacts with the energy of the human body. This is the first time in the history of aesthetics that chromatherapy has been introduced into treatments.


Introduction of certified organic care ranges, and laboratory certification by Ecocert and Cosmebio. Ageless La Cure is born.


✨ Pioneers in holistic care, we connect beauty and emotions for the first time in the world. Thanks to research on the memory of water and quantum physics, we increase the vibration rate of our products, beyond what is on the market: our treatments are from this day quantum certified, capable of balance the body, energy and emotions.

Our values

“I am a beautiful person”

If you repeat this phrase in your head, what does it evoke in you?

For several years, we have heard a lot about the importance of a good diet for the health and beauty of the skin. But our latest advances have also highlighted the strong impact of emotions on our health .

It therefore seems essential to us to bring together all these aspects to offer you the best care, adapted to all your needs (conscious and unconscious).

Feel good in your head, in your body and with your skin.

To be effective, the cosmetic products we use must act on the skin, of course, but not only that. To obtain real results, you have to go to the source, treat the causes, not just the signs .

This is what we offer at PHYTO 5, thanks to our holistic natural treatments, which act on the 3 levels of beauty:

The skin - The body - The mind

With us, the holistic experience goes from opening your package to applying your care at home.

Our products

All our products are made in Switzerland, in Fleurier, with high quality natural components such as: clays, algae, plankton, mineral substances (trace elements), essential oils and pure spring water.

All our products are made with spring water 💦 from the village of Fleurier, they are paraben-free 🌱 , and vegan 🐰 .

They are divided into 3 ranges.

The range of 5 elements

PHYTO 5 range of 5 elements certified quantum natural facial care body care essential oils

This is our signature skincare range. Developed following the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this range of natural products for the face, body and hair highlights 5 synergies of ultra-powerful pure and organic essential oils .

The products are Quantum certified. (learn more about our Quantum certification)

Each of the 5 colors corresponds to an element and a synergy of pure essential oils:

Wood , Fire , Earth , Metal , Water .

Each item cares for a specific skin type , and includes all treating facial products, as well as bath salts and shampoos.

The Swiss range

Timeless and easy to use, the Suisse range fits easily into everyone's beauty routine. It actively preserves the skin to ensure optimal protection against external aggressions and preserve its protective film.

The active ingredients in the Suisse range come exclusively from nature , certain formulas are certified organic by Ecocert . The treatments are unique , improved as Swiss cosmetological research advances and thanks to regular feedback from several thousand professionals working with the range.

The products in this range are suitable for all skin types .

The Ageless range The ORGANIC cure

Created in 2017, our Ageless La cure range is fully certified organic by Ecocert and Cosmébio .

The products in this range are moisturizing and anti-aging. They protect the skin from external aggressions, restore the skin barrier, soothe, and effectively fight against skin aging thanks to the organic essential oils and innovative natural active ingredients such as Aquaxl and Easyliance that they contain.

Of the total product, at least 95% of the ingredients are of natural origin.

PHYTO 5 Ageless range the organic cure certified ecocert cosmebio