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A tonic lotion, what for?


There was a time when toners didn't have a good press in facial skincare routines, yet their benefits are considerable, as long as they are based on natural ingredients. Decryption.

Stop misconceptions about the tonic lotion! It definitely has its place in our beauty and cosmetic care routines. This is even a key step 🔑! Morning and evening, after cleansing the skin, it reduces irritation due to limescale. In addition, used in this way on a daily basis, it hydrates 💦 and awakens the complexion 🌞 . It is quite simply THE extra touch in a skincare routine because it restores radiance and vitality to the superficial layers of the skin and strengthens the hydrolipidic film. It is also suitable for all skin types : its moisturizing action tightens pores and reduces excess sebum (oily and combination skin) while it soothes irritation and redness (sensitive and dry skin).

👉 To be considered as a complement to skin cleansing, the tonic lotion is used before applying moisturizers and make-up, for long-lasting effectiveness and protection.

If the reputation of the tonic lotion has been a little heckled in the field of cosmetics, it is because some of them are formulated with alcohol to clean in depth. So that the moisturizing effect is immediately canceled and indeed leaves skin dry and damaged. The whole solution is thus to use a tonic lotion only composed of natural ingredients that are good for our skin.

Like the tonic lotions in our PHYTO 5 range of the 5 elements , all natural and formulated to help improve the condition and health of our skin.

Created in our Swiss laboratory, the 5 elements range is inspired by the 5 energy seasons of traditional Chinese medicine, which includes the 5 elements WoodFireEarthMetalWater , each linked to a state, a type of skin but also a state of mind.

First laboratory in the world of natural and holistic cosmetics, we believe in the impact of emotions on our inner and outer well-being. The tonic lotions of the PHYTO 5 range of the 5 elements thus meet each of our needs according to our skincare routines , to reveal the best of our skin but also our natural beauty.

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