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Good news for our hair: shampoos from the 5 elements range


The signature PHYTO 5 range of the 5 elements does not only celebrate our face and our body, it also offers shampoos suitable for all hair types, all always based on a holistic formula .

You may not have known it, but the signature PHYTO 5 range of 5 elements spoils us from head to toe!

This 100% natural and holistic range, inspired by traditional Chinese medicine and the 5 elements, therefore also has a line entirely dedicated to our scalp and its many facets.

This range highlights 5 synergies of pure, organic and ultra-powerful essential oils, so each of the 5 colors in the range corresponds to an element and a synergy of essential oils: WoodFireEarthMetalWater .

As the first holistic cosmetics laboratory, we believe in the impact of emotions on beauty and in the importance of having a global vision of our body, in order to take care of it inside and out. Our products and treatments are adapted to each of the particularities that our skin, our body and our hair may have.

💚 Thus the Wood shampoo is ideal for hair that grows too quickly , enriched with organic essential oils of rosemary, cypress and lemon, it regulates the secretion of the sebaceous glands, for a purified scalp.

❤️ Fire shampoo is recommended for sensitive and irritated hair. It contains corn germ oil with nourishing, softening and antioxidant properties. Combined with essential oils of lavender, rosemary, ylang-ylang, cypress and Scots pine, this shampoo is also anti-inflammatory, toning and healing.

💛 The Earth shampoo with organic lemon and cypress is formulated in turn for devitalized hair with a greasy tendency . Enriched with vitamins A, C and E, it restores vitality to the hair and protects it from the destructive action of free radicals.
💙 Metal shampoo with organic sweet almond oil is the ideal ally for brittle hair and dry dandruff . Formulated with vitamins C and E, it deeply nourishes, softens and hydrates the scalp.

💜 Finally, the Water shampoo with horsetail extract and rich in organic silicon, strengthens the elasticity of the skin of the scalp. It is therefore ideal for hair lacking tone and volume .

All formulated with natural ingredients , the energy shampoos of the 5 elements offer a real cure of daily well-being for our hair.

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