PHYTO 5 cosmetique naturel suisse sels de bain aux huiles essentielles naturel sel de montagne suisse laboratoire cosmetique suisse

A good bath salt that feels good


The bath as a moment of relaxation and release, it's an art! Bath salts usually accompany this moment, good for our skin and our spirit.

Light on our range of bath salts of the 5 elements.

Based on mineral salts , bath salts are the big stars of bubble baths dedicated to our well-being. Who doesn't dream, after a long day of work or an intense sporting effort, of lounging in a nice hot bath, scented with the notes of ultimate relaxation.

For the luckiest of us who own or even can “ borrow ” a bathtub, the bath is synonymous with cocooning , a beauty routine for our body and just as much a cure for the mind . This is indeed proven, bath salts bring benefits both to the skin and to our inner well-being thanks to their purifying , remineralizing , soothing , draining , energizing or even anti-inflammatory properties , depending on the nature of the bath salt. . If the latter acts on our body, it also acts on our mind by reducing in particular anxiety, insomnia or overwork.

What is essential is to grant yourself this moment when the need arises and when it is obviously technically possible.

To support you in this return to yourself, our natural, organic and holistic cosmetics laboratory has developed our signature range of the 5 elements, Wood , Fire , Earth , Metal and Water ( discover ). It is the first line of natural , energetic and holistic products certified Quantum, established according to the principles of the 5 elements of traditional Chinese medicine. Divided into 5 colors , each corresponds to an element and a synergy of pure essential oils that takes care of a specific skin type. This includes all of our facial products and treatments as well as our bath salts.

Find our 5 bath salts adapted to the needs of your skin and those of your mind here .

For application, sprinkle the equivalent of a tablespoon or a small handful in your bath.

Beauty tip : salt crystals are a very effective natural exfoliant, take advantage of your bath to gently exfoliate your body (with pure salt or mixed with your shower gel for example).

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