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Repair your skin after the sun


It's summer and it's our favorite moment: sunbathing, sea bathing, lazing by the pool... 😎🏖️ only moments of relaxation on the menu! So let's not waste the holidays with skin problems... here's a little guide to properly repairing your skin after sun exposure. ☀️

We have seen previously how to properly prepare your skin for the sun (to read right here ), with a skincare routine made of exfoliation , clay mask and intense hydration 💦 . And above all O above all, sun protection . AT EVERY EXHIBITION. Once back from a session in the sun, the watchword to keep absolutely is: hydration galore ! We couldn't be clearer about protecting your skin over time, and your tan at the same time.

After exposure to the sun, the skin of the face and body is indeed dried out and initially needs to be refreshed and then deeply hydrated.

👉 For the body, after cleaning the skin, use the BIO PHYTO 5 body milk without moderation, ultra moisturizing thanks to the presence of olive squalane 🫒 and Aquaxyl.

👉 For the face, after cleansing the skin, we advise you to apply a clay mask once a week to eliminate toxins and accumulated sebum, remineralize the skin and activate cell regeneration. Use either the Organic Clay Mask from our Ageless La Cure range or the Fire Clay Mask from our PHYTO 5 of the 5 Elements range, both dedicated to dry and sensitive skin, extremely nourishing and healing .

We recommend then using the Oligo 5 PHYTO 5 Spray or the Fire Tonic Lotion from the 5 elements range, which provide additional hydration and protection to our skin, which is put to the test by the UV rays of the sun. Minerals play a very important role here in preserving our skin barrier from water stress .

✨ Highlight of this restorative skincare routine: the BIO Ageless La Cure Extreme Cream , nourishing and moisturizing, suitable for all skin types and made for extreme weather conditions 🔥 , it soothes and protects our skin.

In this summer time so joyful and expected throughout the year, the sun is our friend but it can quickly become the enemy of our skin, damaging it if we do not protect it enough and accelerating skin aging. . In addition, exposure to the sun activates the production of free radicals which can eventually disrupt our body.

So let's not forget to pamper our skin, not just for tanning, but also to protect it by replenishing it with antioxidants, minerals and daily hydration.

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