Quid des cosmétiques biologiques

What about organic cosmetics


At the time of all ORGANIC, cosmetic products are not to be outdone when one wonders how to consume good and consume better.

By definition, BIO means “from organic farming”. In other words, developed with respect for the environment using unmodified plants and natural components.

On paper and originally, this definition applied to our food, our health and our well-being seems rigorous or even essential.

We have been able to realize in recent years how harmful certain products can be both to ourselves and to the environment. It is a real questioning of the creative process that has taken place to give way not only to a label and a certification, but a generalized trend: all ORGANIC. Difficult to navigate in this tide of products now stamped ORGANIC, because if the nuance is easily grasped in food, it is more complex to grasp it in cosmetic products and care, and in the skincare market in general. .

Organic in cosmetics

In terms of well-being and beauty, to know which product to trust, we recommend that you first turn to products based on dermatologically tested natural ingredients.

In our Swiss laboratory, our PHYTO 5 natural products are part of the cosmetics made up of natural, plant-based ingredients with holistic virtues. Our Ageless range is a range of 100% ORGANIC cosmetic products, which notably includes the ORGANIC Extreme Moisturizing Cream (99.1% of ingredients of natural origin) and the ORGANIC Cleansing Foam (99.3% of ingredients of natural origin). natural).

All our products are formulated with spring water that comes from the Val de Travers, in the heart of the canton of Neuchâtel in Switzerland.

Our natural cosmetic products are developed in the best conditions for you and for the environment, they are also vegan since not tested on animals.

An attraction for nature for 40 years

This respect for your skin, your well-being, our environment, does not stem from the recent enthusiasm for organic products but is at the origin of the creation of our laboratory in 1979.

Since the 1980s, our Swiss PHYTO 5 cosmetics have met skin treatment and care criteria developed from natural ingredients, inspired by holistic philosophy and traditional Chinese medicine to treat both the causes and the signs of the alterations in our body, to cherish it deeply.

Discover our entire 100% ORGANIC Ageless range here .


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