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What about our vegan cosmetics


What does "vegan" really mean when we talk about cosmetics and how is this designation applied in our product lines?

We tell you everything!

The era of “ all organic ” has quickly been overtaken in recent years by “ all vegan ”. And for good reason, if we are becoming more and more aware of ecological issues 🍃 and the urgency of changing some of our habits to preserve our planet 🌍, our ecosystem and our health, it is also a question of further protecting our animal friends. . 🐰

This can apply in our diet but also in the way we consume on a daily basis, and cosmetics come into play quite quickly!

" Vegan " means that absolutely no ingredient or derivative derived from animal material has been used in the composition and formulation of the cosmetic product. In addition, the product in question must not have been tested beforehand on an animal ( note that the European Union has prohibited animal testing in the cosmetics industry since 2013) .

These two conditions met, the product can then be considered vegan 🍀 and thus sold on the market. However, beware of the abuse of the term, which unfortunately for commercial purposes can be used as a marketing argument when none of the rules have been respected or only one out of two. In order to avoid any disappointment with the cosmetic and skincare products we use, it is possible to rely on the labels most often affixed to said products. There are in fact twelve certified “vegan” labels, all from regulated associations. All the products in our PHYTO 5 natural and holistic cosmetic ranges are thus certified vegan. The same is true for our 100% organic Ageless La Cure range, also certified by the Ecocert label.

So you will not find 🛑 in our products ingredients such as beeswax, honey, royal jelly, animal collagen, milk or keratin for shampoos. We work for all our ranges of beauty and skincare products using natural and plant-based ingredients.

Our Swiss expertise has led us to formulate for more than forty years holistic treatments and care that are good for the skin, for the body and for the spirit, while respecting our environment which is dear to us.

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