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What about shea oil


Omnipresent in the fields of cosmetics, skincare beauty and hair, shea is a thousand-year-old natural ingredient. What if we took a closer look at this component to learn a little more about its benefits?

This way ! 👇

In cosmetics, beauty skincare and hair, shea is most often offered in the form of butter or oil . Shea oil is more concentrated than butter, but both are extracted from the nut, also called kernel, of the shea tree that has been found since time immemorial in sub-Saharan Africa, primarily Nigeria. From the shea nut is therefore extracted after roasting a liquid, transformed into butter or oil, extremely rich in vitamins A , E and D as well as in essential fatty acids and ceramides . These elements make shea oil a 100% natural ingredient 🌱 with ultra-famous properties.

Whether for the skin of the face and body or for the hair, shea oil is a powerful nourishing and moisturizing ally. It heals , restores elasticity and tone to the skin, while it repairs and strengthens broken and damaged hair. Its trademark: its soft and protective film after each application, a godsend for our skin and our scalp! 💫

Another quality, its tightening effect both protects the skin barrier from anticipated cellular aging but also helps to hydrate our hydrolipidic film.

Shea oil is simply a cocktail of benefits 🎉 for our skin, which is why we use it in the formulation of some of our natural and organic cosmetic products, for its vitamin intake and its immediate nourishing effect. Like the BIO Ageless La Cure Perfection Cream , used to even out the complexion and erase pigmentation marks, it is also moisturising, soothing and healing thanks to the floral waters of rose and verbena combined with shea butter. Or Ageless La Cure Organic Nourishing Cream , which nourishes and regenerates the skin thanks to shea butter and jojoba oil. Our best-selling Eye contour cream from the Swiss PHYTO 5 range is also equipped with it and thus allows an ideal combo between a decongestant gel and a comforting cream specially formulated for the eye contour.

Make no mistake about it, shea oil is everywhere where it can bring its benefits! Even in our BIO PHYTO 5 Zen Body Scrubs and BIO Ageless La Cure Phyto-Peel or in our Sun Cream .

When it's natural and good for the body, we don't count! 🤩

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