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Which face mask to choose in our beauty routine?


The mask for our facial skin is that well-deserved and essential cocooning break in our skincare routines.

Here is an express guide to choose the mask that will best suit our skin.

Indispensable, the face mask is above all to be chosen according to our skin and what we wish to bring to it as a treatment, especially in relation to what it needs. So listening to yourself and what our skin is telling us is not far-fetched but very necessary!

Hydrate, purify, nourish, repair, illuminate… the actions sought are as numerous as the possibilities.

First, we clean our skin

However, one rule must be applied in all circumstances: a mask must always be applied to cleansed skin.

For this, we start with a gentle cleansing with the Ageless La Cure 100% organic and natural cleansing foam with verbena floral water and apricot kernel oil. Both cleansing and make-up remover, it leaves skin soft and perfectly nourished. To prolong the pleasure of cocooning, you can complete this cleansing with a scrub, for this 2 options: the Organic Phyto Peel or the Marine Scrub . Finally, we finish by applying a tonic lotion from our range of 5 PHYTO 5 elements , depending on your skin type.

Make way for the mask!

Now that our skin is cleansed and invigorated, mask time has arrived. The important thing is once again to choose a mask that meets the needs of our skin. For sensitive skin, priority should be given to deep hydration and protection. Opt for the PHYTO 5 face gel mask , its light texture hydrates and soothes for long-lasting preservation.

For oily skin, a purifying mask is recommended to treat and regulate excess sebum. The Algoderme PHYTO 5 mask with brown algae moisturizes, purifies and purifies the skin thanks to the essential oil of petitgrain.

Another very effective option: clay masks! Their creamy texture hydrates and purifies the skin just as much and unclogs pores. Discover the clay masks from our signature range of 5 elements adapted to our different skin types: Wood (oily skin) — Fire (sensitive skin) — Earth (skin with imperfections) — Metal (dry skin) — Water (dehydrated skin) ).

Finally, for combination skin, do not hesitate to apply multimasking : a mixture of masks on the face for the oilier areas (T-zone forehead / nose / chin) and drier areas such as the cheeks.
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