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Take care of your hands


They are a means of expression, they are just as important as our eyes, our voice, they reflect us and express our lives and our daily lives: our hands. In winter especially, taking care of it is essential.

First victim of the arrival of the cold: our skin of course, but with it, our hands are not left out! We offer you an equally adapted and natural skincare routine that will accompany you all winter long.

Our hands are indeed on the front line during climate change, and their dryness is inevitable when the mercury drops and we cannot live continuously in mittens, or you will agree that working or doing the dishes would become a real headache. …

Joking aside, taking care of your hands is actually treating them like we treat the skin on our face. With gentleness, while using purifying, nourishing and protective care.

1/ Erase

First of all, the scrub technique can also be used for our hands. The benefits of exfoliation apply to the skin of our hands, which is certainly thin in places, but ultra resistant. Once a week, we recommend using the Marine Scrub from our PHYTO 5 range. Thanks to its soft and refreshing gel texture, this scrub rich in rice powder and jojoba pearls effectively exfoliates and eliminates dead cells, thus leaving a refined skin texture freed of all toxins left by external aggressions. You can also use Phyto-Peel Scrub from our 100% ORGANIC Ageless La Cure range, creamy and cinnamon-scented. Rich in natural extracts of tropical fruits, it exfoliates dead cells using lotus seeds and shea shell.

2/ Hydrate deeply

The second step consists of deeply nourishing and protecting the skin of our hands with an ultra-rich cream, which we can apply several times a day and as much as necessary without having to dry our hands afterwards. PHYTO 5 Hand Cream is rich in moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients such as Aquaxyl, a natural molecule that helps retain and prevent water loss from our skin. With this cream, winter is no longer to be feared for our hands, as applying it will be a pleasure as well as a real moisturizing and protective treatment.

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