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Positive thoughts and health effects


Many studies have been published in recent decades that demonstrate the effectiveness of positive thoughts on our health. What about this truth that is often more complicated to apply than to observe.

Voltaire once said “I decided to be happy because it's good for your health”. Although the observation has since been proven by scientific surveys and results, it is therefore not new: having good morale and feeling good in your sneakers has a direct positive impact on our health .

On paper, we all agree as it may seem obvious. Of course, but in the hubbub of life, in the wear and tear of everyday life, in the difficulties that we all face on a more or less significant scale, in this society which is going faster and faster and which is tarnished in addition to the rest by a global pandemic, how to produce positive thoughts? How can we not let ourselves be carried away by the flood of bad news or pitfalls that arise on our way?

The answer is simple, although difficult to set up at first glance. Like Voltaire, you have to DECIDE to be happy. Despite everything else, make it a philosophy, a routine of life, better: a daily exercise. Just like meditation, if you are initially reluctant to find positive thoughts to fuel your day, you will find that as you practice more and more, you will eventually overflow with positive thoughts.

It is important here to distinguish three elements that will allow you to highlight this essential exercise for moral and physical health: there are thoughts ( 1 ), which trigger emotions ( 2 ), often linked to behaviors ( 3 ) . By breaking down these notions, we better understand the process: give yourself moments that trigger "good" emotions such as joy, happiness, satisfaction, confidence, relaxation, and you will automatically have thoughts positive. Like a natural cycle, these positive thoughts will nourish your inner well-being and therefore your health.

Do not wait and create your own moments that will trigger your positive thoughts, depending on our desires or affinities, this can come from physical and sporting, cultural, manual, family, social and many other activities.

The only importance is the result: that these activities give you pleasant emotions , which will then allow you to think in a positive way without forcing you, just doing you good.

The little (big!) plus has a major effect: this well-being becomes a strength and often encourages us to do even better for ourselves (sleep, diet, lifestyle).

With our best encouragement, it's up to you !

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