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Our range of 5 PHYTO 5 elements


Light on our signature range, the 5 elements range, the first range of natural, energetic and holistic products certified Quantum, established according to the principles of the 5 elements of traditional Chinese medicine.

Pioneers in holistic and energetic care

Created in 1979 in the heart of the Val de Travers in Switzerland, our laboratory has never ceased to develop ranges of natural and organic cosmetic products that are good for our skin, our body and our mind.

Our holistic philosophy accompanies us every day to formulate beauty and skincare treatments that treat our skin holistically, inside and out. As the first brand of holistic cosmetics, PHYTO 5's mission is to restore the body's natural capacity for beauty . The treatments we offer have a positive effect on the whole body for natural and lasting beauty. We also do not hesitate to give you advice and recommendations to accompany your skincare routines, because our skin reflects our way of life but also the state of our organism. Our vision of well-being and beauty is global: we believe that to treat and beautify our body, we must first look at what is going on inside .

For example, a skincare routine for sensitive skin is first made up of soft, light products, formulated with natural and plant-based ingredients, which deeply moisturize, soothe and protect the skin. Secondly, we recommend giving priority to a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, in order to support the body and the intestines in their role of purifiers of the food ingested.

In the continuity of this holistic and natural approach, we have created our signature skincare range, the 5 elements range .

PHYTO 5 range of 5 elements holistic energy serum face Swiss natural cosmetics

This line of natural face, body and hair products features 5 synergies of ultra-potent pure and organic essential oils and each product is Quantum certified (click here to learn more about our Quantum certification).

To formulate this range, we were inspired by traditional Chinese medicine and the 5 energy elements on which some of its precepts are based.

Thus each of the 5 colors of the range corresponds to an element and a synergy of pure essential oils : Wood Fire Earth Metal Water .

PHYTO 5 range of 5 elements holistic face body hair care Swiss natural cosmetics

Each item takes care of a specific skin type and includes all the products needed to treat our face , body and hair .

The Wood range ( green colour), synonymous with movement, strength and renewal, treats oily skin, while the Fire range ( red colour), synonymous with energy, freshness and sharing, treats irritated and sensitive skin. The Earth range ( yellow color) synonymous with change, purification and detox is dedicated to intoxicated skin. Dry skin is cared for by the Metal range ( blue colour), synonymous with comfort, lightness and relaxation. Finally, the Water range ( purple colour), synonymous with meditation, calm and spirituality, treats dehydrated and dull skin.

For each element and each type of skin, we find a moisturizing day cream as well as a night moisturizing cream, a tonic lotion, a clay mask, a bath salt and a shampoo. The perfect panoply for skincare routines adapted to the needs of our skin.

These routines end with the ultimate creation of the range of 5 elements: the PHYTO 5 Emotional Cure .

The 5 100% natural serums contained in the PHYTO 5 Emotional Cure box are part of a process also inspired by traditional Chinese medicine and developed to balance the body and inner beauty.

Just open the box, then smell the serums one after the other and see the effect that each scent has on your conscious, and especially your subconscious.

This aromatherapy diagnosis allows you to choose the serum that does you the most good every day, using the one whose smell you like the most. You can then integrate it into your day cream (one to two drops) or apply a few drops inside the wrist.

Through our range of 5 elements , we invite you to listen to yourself, to return to yourself necessary to take better care of yourself . It is the bias of a global vision of the body: to examine it as a whole, to go more in depth by treating the evils at the source, by going further to understand its own functioning for each one.

Getting to know ourselves better and doing good in depth is the key to gaining serenity and strengthening our mental well-being and thus our natural beauty.

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