Notre gamme Ageless La Cure BIO

Our Ageless La Cure BIO range


Discover our 100% ORGANIC range dedicated to moisturizing and anti-aging care: the Ageless La Cure range. 🌿

Created in 2017 in our laboratory in the heart of Val de Travers in the canton of Neuchâtel, the Ageless La Cure range offers organic products and unique care rituals in Swiss cosmetics . Fully certified organic by the Ecocert and Cosmébio labels, we formulate this range with at least 95% ingredients of natural origin 🍃 of which at least 20% are ORGANIC , and 100% from natural spring water 💧 directly supplied in our laboratory.

Anxious to provide quality skincare and adapted to a certain type of skin, we have focused this range from the start on moisturizing and anti-aging care .

The natural active ingredients at the heart of the formulations of our ORGANIC range

They first protect the skin from external aggressions, restore the skin barrier on the one hand, soothe on the other hand, and effectively fight against skin aging thanks to organic essential oils and innovative natural active ingredients such as Aquaxl and the Easyliance they contain.

👉 Aquaxyl is developed in our Ageless La Cure treatments according to a patented system that keeps water in the deep layers of the skin. Thus, not only is the skin hydrated, but it naturally and automatically retains this hydration. This development is in line with our philosophy of designing natural beauty products that have a beneficial effect on both the inside and the outside of the body . We believe in the impact of health and well-being on beauty, which is why we develop all our organic and natural cosmetic ranges around dermatologically tested holistic processes . 🤍

In this continuity, the five essential actions 💥 of Ageless La Cure treatments are complete hydration, filling wrinkles from the inside, providing essential minerals, an immediate lifting and firming effect and an antioxidant action against cellular ageing.

What organic face products can you find?

The first flagship products in this range are the 5 Secrets Serum and Cream , which act in depth on wrinkles and mineralize our skin thanks to their formulas abundantly supplied with active 💫 natural anti-aging molecules : commiphora extracts, rose essential oils. and apricot, cupuaçu butter and shea butter.

The firming eye contour serum 👀 is a unique product to provide a lifting and tensor effect. With beech bud extracts and rose floral water, it is an excellent moisturizer as well as a revitalizing anti-aging treatment that preserves the youthfulness of the look.

Indispensable in our daily skincare routine, the organic facial cleansing tonic lotion accompanied by the organic Ageless La Cure cleansing foam . Cleansing your skin 💦 every day in the morning and evening is fundamental both to maintain its texture, but also to obtain better results in terms of hydration and radiance, as well as preventing and slowing down skin aging. Composed of verbena floral water, apricot kernel oil, essential oils of exotic verbena, lemon and orange and finally glycerin, the moisturizing and soothing properties of the foam and the lotion come add to their instant nourishing effect. Intended for sensitive face and hands with a neutral pH, they respect and renew the skin's protective coat.

To discover just as much, 100% ORGANIC and composed only of natural cosmetic ingredients 🌱 (99.1%), the Ageless La Cure Organic Extreme Moisturizing Cream , a must have for organic facial care. Composed of aloe vera, vegetable oils, oat and vanilla extracts as well as essential oils of ginger and sweet orange, these natural ingredients allow on the one hand a powerful long-lasting hydration, and on the other hand have anti-inflammatory effects. This cream has been specially designed for sensitive and fragile skin, its soft texture is a godsend and can be applied to the face morning and evening after cleansing the skin.

Its little or even big plus: it provides ultra protection for extreme weather conditions (cold, wind, drought, navigation at sea). ✅

Among the other treatments in the Ageless La Cure range, we also find the Phyto-Peel scrub rich in AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), which exfoliates and eliminates dead cells in depth using lotus seeds and shea shell. that it contains.

The soothing and purifying organic clay mask cleanses, purifies and mineralizes our skin thanks to its concentration of aloe vera, calendula and verbena floral water.

Finally, let's not forget to perfect our 100% ORGANIC range, the Nourishing cream and Perfection cream with antioxidant Edelweiss dedicated to dry and sensitive skin, for a radiant and even complexion . ✨

🏆 Winner of the Innovation Awards (New Aesthetics, 2013 and 2014) and the "Best in Show" Award (2015), the Ageless La Cure organic range responds to our commitment to only natural and holistic cosmetic care.

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