Maquillage et Maquillage, quelle différence ?

Makeup and Makeup, what's the difference?

In short, there isn't one. Both are comedogenic. It is even possible that foundation, when it contains a UV filter, is even more comedogenic than carnival makeup.

So what does “comedogenic” mean? It is the ability of a product applied to the skin to block pores. When the pores are blocked, the natural circulation of fluids no longer occurs or is difficult. The skin can no longer produce the famous sebum which naturally protects it. The role of temperature regulator and protection against external aggressions of the skin is therefore slowed down or even completely hampered.

This creates stagnation of fluids in the dermis and epidermis. And who says stagnation says acne, redness and toxination.

It is therefore important to give your skin time during the week without any substance and after a deep and, above all, gentle cleansing. In certain people, for example, who have combination to dehydrated skin, the use of basic soap, such as Marseille soap, will destroy the hydrolipidic film for several hours and also prevent the proper functioning of the skin. When in doubt, the use of professional cleaning products is therefore recommended. Especially if you apply makeup daily. Because it is important in the evening to unclog the pores of the skin to let it breathe and regain its balance during the night.

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