PHYTO 5 serum visage phyt'ether serum naturelle pour le visage saison energetique soin holistique energetique peau grasse peau seche peau mature peau sensible cosmetique naturel suisse laboratoire suisse

Phyt'ether serums


Unique creation of our range of 5 elements, Phyt'ether serums follow the seasons and are adapted to different skin types.

To include in your skincare routine urgently!

One of our 5 flagship PHYTO ranges is the 5 elements range , which as its name suggests takes up the characteristics of the 5 elements WoodFireEarthMetalWater — and is also associated with the 5 seasons. energetics . Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine , this range is our signature skincare range and includes among its moisturizers, tonic lotions, masks, shampoos and bath salts Phyt'ether serums, true treasures of holistic and natural cosmetics . 💫

Developed from cutting-edge research that we work in our Swiss laboratory , these serums respond like all our organic and natural cosmetic products 🌱 to our desire to reveal the beauty potential of each of us. Our approach is part of a holistic philosophy where each product provides special care for both the body and the skin, but also for the mind.

The 5 Phyt'ether serums thus adapt to our skin according to its nature and condition, all according to its needs corresponding to the seasons.

For example, we are currently in the Bois 💚 energy season, a symbol of renewal, strength and movement (from February 5 to April 17 ) which therefore corresponds to the Phyt'ether Bois serum. Formulated with vitamin E and a synergy of organic essential oils, this 100% natural face serum is recommended to purify the skin and regulate sebum production.

The Phyt'ether Feu ❤️ serum is dedicated to sensitive skin (Fire season from May 6 to July 19 ), which it calms and soothes by improving blood circulation. Phyt'ether Earth serum 💛 (Earth season January 18 – February 4 / April 18 – May 5 / July 20 – August 6 / October 21 – November 7 ) detoxifies, cleanses and hydrates skin with imperfections . The Phyt'ether Metal 💙 serum (Metal season from August 7 to October 20 ) is for dry skin, nourishes and protects it. Finally, the Phyt'ether Eau 💜 serum (Water season from November 8 to January 17 ) hydrates, tones and plumps dehydrated and mature skin .

Every day, apply 5 drops 💦 of serum to the entire face. Tip, you can also mix the serum drops directly into your day and night cream!

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