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Certifications in our product lines


Guarantees of quality and ethics, certifications are now very important in the field of cosmetics, beauty care and skincare.

A brief overview of those we are proud to hold.

Located in the heart of the Val-de-Travers in the canton of Neuchâtel in Switzerland, our laboratory has been committed to developing cosmetic and skincare ranges for more than 40 years based on natural products and inspired by traditional Chinese medicine.

Pioneers in holistic cosmetics, we formulate ranges of products dedicated to treating all skin types and their ailments with a global vision. We believe in the power of emotions and their impact on our physical and mental health, just as we believe in the powers of nature to create adapted and effective care on a daily basis. From all these beliefs and our professional expertise, product ranges such as PHYTO 5, the 5 elements range, the Swiss range and the Ageless La Cure range were born, all recognized for their holistic virtues while respecting high-end creation processes. range.

Like our certifications, these product lines are 100% natural and Swiss made, entirely formulated on site. Our laboratory benefits first of all from Ecocert certification, we respond to a responsible approach towards the treatment and recycling of our waste, the management of our production energies — for example, we use spring water directly sent to our laboratory — as well as respect for the environment in a global way. Our Ageless La Cure range is also certified 100% organic by the Ecocert label.

In addition, this range is also vegan, as are all the products in our PHYTO 5 natural and holistic cosmetics ranges. Thus you will not find in our products ingredients such as beeswax, honey, royal jelly, animal collagen, milk or keratin for shampoos. We work for all our ranges of beauty and skincare products using natural and plant-based ingredients.

Finally, and this is perhaps the rarest certification for a natural skincare cosmetics laboratory, our laboratory has been developing since 2017 a process for manufacturing natural and organic cosmetic products based on the principles of quantum phytobiodermy. In practice, Phytobiodermie Quantum certified products contain information capable of influencing emotions. This information is released when the product comes into contact with the skin, and formulated in the product thanks to the vibratory rate of the water previously recorded. On the strength of our research supported in particular by that of Professors Masaru Emoto, Luc Montagnier and Nassim Haramein, we have applied this process to create our range of the 5 elements, the first range of natural, energetic and holistic products certified Quantum, established according to the principles of the 5 elements (wood, fire, air, earth and metal) of traditional Chinese medicine, to discover here. Convinced of the importance of the emotional and natural dimension in beauty care, we strive to create skincare products and treatments based on a philosophy of well-being and holistic, while respecting our environment which is ours. Dear.

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