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Algae in our cosmetics


Unsightly in appearance, algae are nevertheless superstars in the fields of organic cosmetics and beauty. And for good reason: their varieties and their virtues are innumerable!

Light on these treasures of the sea.

The sea 🌊 and its components are full of trace elements and minerals, both necessary and beneficial for our health, our organism and for our skin. Among his treasures ✨: seaweed ! These plants and plant elements 🌱 without roots or leaves are unique and number in the thousands in terms of species in the oceans around the world. Highly resistant to the variable conditions of their environment (water temperature, UV exposure, etc.), algae offer an impressive range of therapeutic properties .

Algae have the particularity of creating 🧑‍🔬 molecules, also called secondary metabolites, in their natural environment. It is these metabolites that interest us in natural and organic cosmetics because, once formulated in alginate – a cosmetic component –, they are the ones that allow many skin care products.

Moisturizing, antioxidant, antibacterial, regenerating for our skin cells... seaweed is our best allies 💪! Because in addition to being 100% natural, their optimal compatibility makes them an assimilable and tolerable active ingredient for all skin types.

There are 4 main families of algae, red algae such as Irish moss or chondus crispus are for example used in cosmetics for dehydrated or dry skin, brown algae such as Fucus spiralis are formulated in the care of oily skin . Green algae and blue algae in turn allow formulas to promote cell regeneration, among other things.

Within our Swiss laboratory of natural and holistic cosmetics , algae have a place of choice through our different ranges. In particular, we use wakame brown seaweed in our PHYTO 5 Marine Scrub , but also in our 100% ORGANIC Ageless La Cure Perfection Cream . We also use the popular algae called Laminaria Digitata for our PHYTO 5 Algoderm Mask and green algae in our PHYTO 5 Oligo 5 Spray .

Also called algotherapy , the algae in our skincare treatments and cosmetic treatments are good for our skin and our body, to be consumed without moderation !

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