Le skin cycling, c’est quoi  ?

What is skin cycling?


On the lookout for new cosmetic and beauty trends or simply having a conversation, you may have heard this term before: skin cycling.

What about this little skincare revolution. This new trend, which comes straight from the United States, is shaking up the established codes of skincare and beauty routines. And this is not to displease those who advocate more simplicity, lightness and fewer juxtaposed layers and chemicals to return to basics and towards more naturalness. Basically, this technique offers a 4-day skincare routine, each dedicated to a key step. It is therefore a question of extending in 4 times what we are used to doing in one go when we apply a skincare routine to treat our skin but also to repair and prevent the ailments that may be linked to it. The idea here is to give our skin time to absorb the care provided to be more receptive to the next one, for 24 hours. This is why it is advisable to apply this technique in the evening. Here is an example over 4 days with products from our PHYTO 5 and Ageless La Cure 100% organic ranges:

Evening 1.

After cleaning the skin, it is proposed to first exfoliate the skin in order to eliminate dead cells and impurities. For gentle exfoliation, apply Marine Scrub from the PHYTO 5 range or 100% ORGANIC Phyto Peel from the Ageless La Cure range.

Evening 2.

Cellular regeneration is now boosted. Always after cleaning the skin, the idea is to stimulate our body to create collagen. According to the technique developed in the United States, retinoids are used here. On our side, we recommend a more natural and holistic alternative, namely firstly the Oligo 5 spray to provide all the minerals the skin needs to be deeply hydrated. Secondly, use the PHYTO 5 face cream . This moisturizing cream is a true concentrate of natural active ingredients which stimulates the functions of the skin so that it regenerates itself. In addition, horsetail associated with vitamin B2 actively participate in the synthesis of collagen to promote tissue elasticity and thus strengthen protection.

Evenings 3 and 4.

Make way for saving previous operations. It is now a question of deeply nourishing our skin, which has been heavily used over the last two evenings. For this, the ORGANIC Nourishing Cream from our Ageless La Cure range combined with the Eye Contour Serum from the same range will be a perfect ally.

It's up to you to play and pamper your skin!

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