Le Sérum contour des yeux BIO Ageless La Cure

Organic Ageless La Cure eye contour serum


Discover our Eye contour serum from our 100% organic Ageless La Cure range.

Everything for the firming and radiance of our eyes!

As for the whole of our face, the eye contour requires special attention both because the skin surrounding it is thinner and more fragile, but also because it frames and highlights a key element of our person: our gaze.

Sacred responsibility then!

While it is often said that the gaze is the door to the soul, we work in our natural and holistic cosmetics laboratory on adapted and innovative treatments for the eye contour. So that the latter is sublimated but also firmed. Because this very special area is very often the first to be marked by time, the regeneration of skin cells becoming rarer as the years pass. But don't panic, this area is also the cradle of our facial expressions and if certain installed wrinkles can prove to be permanent, it is possible to restore elasticity, radiance and vitality to our eye contour.

This is the whole mission of the Eye contour serum from our 100% organic Ageless La Cure range.

Tightening and anti-aging treatment, it preserves the youthfulness of the look. Acacia gum , from fair trade, is an immediate tensor that quickly smoothes and tones the fine and sensitive skin around the eyes. This gum forms a film on the surface of the skin which protects it and makes it more supple. Combined with beech bud extract, essential oil and rose floral water , the eye contour serum is a real regenerating treatment for effectively treat wrinkles and crow's feet. In addition, if it provides a long-term anti-wrinkle effect ( effectiveness proven after 28 days ), it is also an excellent moisturizer and conditioner .

How to use it ?

Morning and evening, just apply the equivalent of a grain of rice under our eyes and on the brow bone. Be careful to smooth and tap the material from the inside of the eye to the outside.

Formulated with our Swiss expertise in skincare treatments, BIO Ageless La Cure Eye Contour Serum is ideal for moisturizing and restoring tone where the signs of time and fatigue are most visible.

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