PHYTO 5 laboratoire cosmetique naturelle cosmetique quantique suisse innovation memoire de l'eau physique quantique energetique emotions

The first quantum cosmetics laboratory


Since 2017, our laboratory has been developing a process for manufacturing natural and organic cosmetic products based on the principles of quantum physics.

We explain everything to you.

Convinced of the importance of the emotional dimension in beauty care, we apply ourselves to creating skincare products and treatments based on a philosophy of well-being and holistic , while respecting our environment which is dear to us. Located in Switzerland in Fleurier in the canton of Neuchâtel, our Gibro SA laboratory received Ecocert ecological certification in 2007 and complies with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. In addition and to date, our laboratory has been the only Quantum certified since 2017.

How do we make quantum cosmetics?

The conditions of this certification are first of all that the products are made with water coming directly from nature , so we formulate all our products with spring water from the Val de Travers directly sent to our laboratory.

It also requires a pristine environment away from any source of water, air or electromagnetic pollution.

In practice, Quantum certified products contain information capable of influencing emotions. This information is released when the product comes into contact with the skin, and formulated in the product thanks to the vibratory rate of the water previously recorded.

During the manufacturing process, a series of natural waves are used to increase the vibration rate of the products, to reach a vibration rate 3 times higher than that of conventional cosmetic products.

In addition, a specific imprint is also given to the vibration. To understand this, imagine a piano and a guitar playing the same note. Their rate of vibration is the same, but their timbre is different. The vibration of quantum-certified products is like the music of instruments. Two quantum formulas have different vibrations and thus balance two different emotional states.

On the strength of our research supported in particular by that of Professors Masaru Emoto, Luc Montagnier and Nassim Haramein, we have applied this process for the creation of our range of the 5 elements , the first range of natural, energetic and holistic products certified Quantum, established according to the principles of the 5 elements ( wood , fire , earth , metal , water ) of traditional Chinese medicine, to be discovered here .

Adapted to all needs, these skincare products, from serum to clay mask and moisturizer, are at the forefront of well-being, all while respecting our skin, our emotions and our environment.
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