Le magnésium, quel effet sur notre peau ?

Magnesium, what effect on our skin?


Among the minerals essential to our body, magnesium is in pole position.
If it is very often recommended for our health, it is also a major ally for the health of our skin. Decryption.

One thing to know about magnesium is that our body does not naturally reserve this mineral, which is important for the proper functioning of our body. This is why it is offered as a cure , from 1 to 3 months in general, in the form of a food supplement in capsules 💊, in drinking water rich in magnesium or thanks to an adapted diet through, for example, algae, cereals wholemeal and/or oilseeds (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, seeds, etc.). Marine magnesium is most often recommended for these cures, which allow our body to refuel 💥 . This is the main virtue of magnesium: it gives us energy while soothing nervous and muscular fatigue. It is also prescribed to reduce stress, improve sleep and therefore allow better emotional balance. 😍

Magnesium also plays a role as a calcium fixer on our bones 🦴 and as a hormonal stabilizer . All these properties mentioned make it an ally highly appreciated by our body but also by our skin, because they also have beneficial repercussions on our skin barrier. Purifying and antibacterial , magnesium helps to eliminate redness and inflammation of the skin. It is also an unparalleled radiance developer.

In this equation of benefits on the body and on the skin, it must be understood that our skin reflects the internal state of our body and its functioning. With a global vision (interior and exterior) on the health of our skin, we can thus treat it with appropriate care. This is our philosophy in our natural and holistic cosmetics laboratory. Pamper your skin while listening to your body . 💙

This is how we use, for example, magnesium in our Oligo 5 Spray, a veritable cocktail of minerals to nourish, protect and illuminate the skin and a centerpiece in our skincare routine, to be used after cleansing the skin morning and evening. .

Essential for good health, magnesium has not finished accompanying us in our skincare and well-being routines!

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