L'anniversaire de Madelaine

Madelaine's birthday

My name is Madelaine and for my birthday I wanted to do something that would really improve my life. One of the things I did was write to the PHYTO 5 team. I wanted to get rid of long-lasting cellulite on my lower body. So I sent an email to team@phyto5.com describing my skin and my goal.

Photo by Arya Tulsyan on Unsplash

After a few exchanges of emails and specific questions about my skin, the PHYTO 5 team came back to me with a protocol focused on promoting body flow. According to PHYTO 5, lack of body flow is one of the main reasons why certain parts of the body have stagnant fat.

This routine consists of 3 parts. The first part includes a body gel and a massage protocol. The second part includes dietary recommendations such as drinking hot water rather than cold water, limiting dairy products, refined foods and raw foods. The diet also recommends eating rice, carrots, pumpkin, celery, asparagus, beans and using spices like ginger, cinnamon and turmeric. The third part recommends daily practice of sport, which has a significant positive impact on body flow, and activities such as sauna, hammam, jacuzzi and hot baths with salt.

PHYTO 5 explains that cellulite is a difficult beauty problem because it must be treated through physical stimulation, diet and skin care products to achieve results. It takes some time to notice a reduction in cellulite. But improving body flow benefits all aspects of the skin.

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