La saison énergétique Feu

The Fire energetic season

In traditional Chinese medicine, the year is divided into energetic seasons inspired by the 5 elements , each of which brings strengths and keys to our daily well-being.

Light on the energetic season of Fire , from May 6 to July 19 .


Our laboratory develops ranges of natural and organic cosmetics inspired by the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. The first brands of holistic cosmetics , our different PHYTO 5 ranges meet the needs of our skin and our inner well-being. According to this philosophy, over the years we have created ranges of natural skincare products following the energetic seasons in order to best treat each of the phases through which our skin and our body can go through throughout the year. This is the whole objective of our PHYTO 5 range of the 5 elements , while we have recently been in the middle of the energetic season of Fire until July 19.

It’s energetic summer!

Summer is just around the corner 😎, as the sunny days get longer and the cool gradually gives way to heat, Yang energy reaches its maximum activity. 🔥

The Season of Joy

It’s the season of conviviality and movement 🎉! Spring plans are coming to fruition, it's time to let go , take advantage of your loved ones and the opportunities to be in the open air to free yourself from your habits and let the life force that is within us shine! 💫

To accompany this period of joy, nothing better than a well-being and skincare routine adapted to the needs of our organism and our body 💆. Starting by taking care of our Fire organs (the organs to which our emotions and well-being are linked according to traditional Chinese medicine), the heart 🫀 and the small intestine . For this, while the call for movement aims to circulate energy and blood in our body, it is recommended to favor a light diet which cools and moistens the body. Let's avoid rich foods and opt for fruits and vegetables, so numerous and so good this season! 🍓

What about skincare?

The Feu collection from the PHYTO 5 range of 5 elements offers a range of natural and holistic cosmetic products suitable, in particular for skin irritated by the sun ☀️, sensitive skin, redness and itching.

Treatments, serums, moisturizing lotions and even red clay masks, may the strength of the Feu range be with us this summer!

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