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The wood season



In traditional Chinese medicine, the year is divided into energetic seasons inspired by the 5 elements, each of which brings strengths and keys to our daily well-being. Let's explore the wood season, from February 5th to April 17th.

Natural and holistic beauty

Our laboratory develops ranges of natural and organic skinc care products inspired by the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. First brands of holistic skin care, our ranges: the Swiss range , the 5 elements range and Ageless La Cure meet the needs of our skin and our inner well-being. According to this philosophy, we have thus created over the years natural product lines according to the energetic seasons in order to best treat each of the phases through which our skin and our body can pass throughout the year.

The wood season

We are currently in the middle of the wood season, also called an energy spring . This season is synonymous with renewal and can sign the realization of projects that have been able to germinate in our minds this winter. This renewal, we can also feel it and stimulate it in our body, which will have beneficial repercussions on the level of our skin. Wood corresponds in particular to our liver and our gall bladder , which participate in the circulation of energy in our body and the elimination of toxins. Both are also linked to digestion, to balance their energies we can thus opt for a diet rich in green and seasonal vegetables , such as spinach, chard, salads and cabbage.

What effects on the skin?

As far as our skin is concerned, in the spring the sebaceous glands are produced in greater numbers, which is why the skin and the scalp tend to become oilier .
Do not panic, our Wood line is dedicated to these alterations and offers our skin and our body this general renewal, it purifies, cleanses, and hydrates.
The skin is more matte, the skin texture is smoothed and blackheads are significantly reduced.
In addition, the synergy of essential oils ( lemon - lime -rosemary - cypress ) present in each of the products in this range harmonizes the functioning of the liver and gall bladder, to regulate sebum production.

Take care of yourself and find all our products from the Wood serum, creams, tonic lotion and clay mask here.

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