La cure émotionnelle, notre secret pour une beauté holistique

The emotional cure, our secret for holistic beauty

This unique ritual made in our Swiss laboratory is an ode to inner well-being:
5 synergies of essential oils that correspond to your inner sensations.

“Do what you like, not what you need.”

This is the motto of our brand PHYTO 5, whose natural cosmetic products respond to a holistic approach to our health and well-being.

The 5 100% natural serums contained in the Emotional Cure box are part of a process inspired by traditional Chinese medicine and developed to balance the body and inner beauty .

Simply open the box, then smell the serums one after the other and see the effect that each scent has on your conscious, and especially your subconscious .

This aromatherapy diagnosis allows you to choose each day the serum that does you the most good by using the one whose smell you like the most.

How does it work ?

Each serum corresponds to a color, which itself defines a state or an emotion.

The green serum represents confidence, the red serum represents joy, the yellow serum represents creativity, the blue serum represents satisfaction, and finally the purple serum is linked to serenity.

Each of these emotions is not necessarily what you will feel at the moment you indulge in this emotional cure, but if your sense of smell guides you towards this or that color, trust yourself because this is certainly what your subconscious is moving towards. would like to lead you.

In addition, each of the 5 serums benefits from a so-called “ quantum ” treatment during its production. The vibrational rate of the serums is increased to the maximum, to reach the emotional level.

This technique, unique on the skincare market, is the secret of a holistic beauty routine .

Trust yourself

On a regular basis, remember to give yourself this moment just for you and follow your senses, in this case your sense of smell, to offer yourself a zest of well-being in your day.

You can apply the chosen essential oil to the flat of the wrist, integrate it into your day cream or even to the hollow of the neck, as you wish.

The important thing is to feel inner peace to admire the result on the outside. Once again trust yourself , this ritual is made to support you in a process of returning to yourself, of listening to yourself, of disconnecting with the outside to concentrate on the inside, yourself.

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