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La Cure Anti-Aging BIO Ageless La Cure


Because wanting to preserve the youthfulness of your skin is natural, it is important for this to select a treatment adapted to our well-being.

Discover the 100% ORGANIC Anti-Aging Cure from our Ageless La Cure range.

Created in our Swiss laboratory for our 100% ORGANIC Ageless La Cure range, La Cure Anti-Age is an effective, natural and holistic anti-aging solution certified organic by the Ecocert label. 🌱

Composed of a serum and a cream, it allows to obtain a younger and radiant skin . And for good reason, this cure is to be adopted morning and evening for 21 days , for a naturally efficient result. 💫

This synergy of the serum and the cream makes it possible to restore the skin's natural dynamics, a luminous complexion, thanks to ingredients of natural and vegetable origin . Take example on what nature 🌿 offers us, on its virtues, to restore the body and our skin to its natural beauty. This is our motto ✨! And it applies to our Anti-Aging Cure, called 5 secrets . The 5 Secrets serum contains extracts of natural plants and flowers 🌸 (commiphura muku and manganese) which give it a targeted action on the filling of wrinkles. Combined with witch hazel floral water and rose essential oil 🌹, it is antioxidant, moisturizing, calming and regenerating.
The 5 Secrets cream offers an immediate lifting effect thanks to a natural active ingredient 🍃 derived from the acacia plant. This cream also contains shea butter, rose essential oil and olive extract to intensely hydrate and protect the skin.

👉 In practice, this 21-day skincare routine is adopted as follows: in the morning, apply the 5 Secrets Cream to the entire face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Gently massage with fingertips in circular motions until the cream is completely absorbed by the skin.

👉 In the evening, we start with the serum that we apply in small quantities (2 presses on the pump) also with the fingertips and all over the face except the eye area. Then, we use the 5 Secrets Cream again for a massage that is always light.

The result will be felt quickly! 😍

An ode to naturalness and radiance, the Ageless La Cure Anti-Aging Cure is a true rejuvenation treatment.

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