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ORGANIC Ageless perfection cream The cure


Because a radiant and even complexion is always desired for our skin and because we want it to be healthy, discover the ORGANIC Perfection Cream from our Ageless La Cure range.

Our 100% ORGANIC range based on natural ingredients 🌱 Ageless La Cure has been developing and formulating products for years to treat and enhance our skin.

From our research was born the ORGANIC Perfection Cream , a real illumination for the skin of our face. This cream lightens the skin and evens out the complexion. In addition, it acts particularly effectively on pigment spots (face, neck and hands). Thanks to its main components, Edelweiss from the Swiss Alps ⛰️, Wakame seaweed 🌿 and phytic acid from wheat 🌾, it helps to lighten existing spots on the skin on the one hand and on the other part of inhibiting the synthesis of melanin to prevent the appearance of new spots.

The spots on our skin, which reflect a phenomenon known as hyperpigmentation , mostly appear after unprotected sun exposure, or too strong and too long. They are also of several natures, the first being the natural aging of the skin due to a degeneration of the cells which form melanin, responsible for the color of our skin, but also of our eyes and our hair. This is why it is very important to protect your skin from the sun ☀️, at any age and time of year.

The second most common nature of pigmentation spots is called melasma or pregnancy mask , and appears as its name suggests during pregnancy 🤰, because of the hormones secreted during this period. Be careful in this specific case, the ORGANIC Perfection Cream should be used without moderation after pregnancy, as the plant ingredients and natural organic essential oils used in its formulation are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

In addition, the ORGANIC Perfection Cream also has an antioxidant action that helps protect our skin from cellular aging due to the presence of free radicals (pollution, smoke, sun, stress, etc.).

Ecocert certified, composed only of natural and hypoallergenic extracts and formulated with spring water 💦 from Val de Travers directly sent to our laboratory in Switzerland 🇨🇭, this cream is a must have in a skincare routine suitable for skin prone to the appearance of spots.

🤍 Its little extra: its green and floral fragrance made up of an accord of jasmine, violet and mimosa. 🌼

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