La certification Ecocert

Ecocert certification


Active in more than 130 countries around the world, the Ecocert certification company guarantees a responsible approach towards the environment and consumers.

Light on this essential certification, particularly in the field of organic and natural cosmetics.

A French company created in 1991 and a private initiative, Ecocert was designed to certify and preserve good environmental and societal practices in the various areas of consumption, these practices being defined by regularly updated specifications in order to correlate better with the challenges of sustainable development.

This certification creates both a bond of trust between the consumer and the company, the certified brand, but also allows to be concerned by the issues of protection of the planet. Contributing to responsible and sustainable consumption has now become essential for each of us.

The Ecocert certification thus applies in various fields, including organic farming, fair trade, organic and ecological textiles or even and what concerns us: organic and / or natural cosmetics, under the name " Cosmos organic » more commonly « Cosmos certification ».

In the conditions for obtaining this certification, we find all the issues of sustainable development that affect both the production and consumption of natural and / or organic beauty products:

  • Production and transformation processes that respect the environment and human health
  • Green chemistry
  • Use of natural resources
  • Absence of petrochemical ingredients (for example paraben or synthetic dyes)
  • No GMOs
  • Recyclable packaging
  • 95% of the plants contained in a product must be organic
  • There must be at least 20% organic ingredients in a product and 10% in a rinse-off product

About our products

Among the products of our different ranges, those of the Ageless La Cure range are 100% ORGANIC and certified Cosmos, Ecocert, just like our body scrub , our body milk and our ZEN massage oil .

In addition, our laboratory in Switzerland in the heart of the canton of Neuchâtel is Ecocert certified: we respond to a responsible approach towards the treatment and recycling of our waste, the management of our production energies — for example, we use water from source sent directly to our laboratory — as well as respect for the environment in a global way.

Our commitment to our consumers to do good inside and out also applies to our natural environment, which we care about more than anything .

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