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I like yellow serum, why?


Every day your whole body moves to adapt to your physical and emotional environment. To avoid these daily changes and regain control of your life, our holistic diagnosis reveals our personal emotional dynamics and the keys to better manage it.

It is easy to use. To perform an emotional diagnosis, simply smell the 5 emotional cure serums one by one in the order below and note your preference.

green , red , yellow , blue , purple .

So what does it mean if you prefer the smell of yellow serum?

The yellow serum, called Phyt'Ether, contains organic essential oils of lemon , cypress and eucalyptus which are energized with a quantum process, unique property of our laboratory, which invented quantum and energetic cosmetics in Fleurier in 1979. This mixture, called synergy, has the power to stimulate creativity and change .

Smell is driven by your subconscious, which knows better than your mind what you need. Indeed, when the consciousness processes about 2000 pieces of information in one second, the subconscious processes 3 billion .

Loving or hating a smell is a powerful indicator of your current inner balance. Knowing this balance allows you to better manage it and strengthen it to feel better in your body and in your mind .

If you like the smell of yellow serum, your body is in a dynamic of change or a dynamic of creativity. Your stomach and your spleen are then in permanent and sustained operation, to adapt your body to a change in environment.

Loving the color yellow reveals that your body needs to adapt. This situation occurs when you face significant changes in your life, both psychologically and physically. For example, a sudden change in weather can cause your body to change its internal dynamics to adapt to temperature or light.

Adaptation to change is also a state brought about by travel and displacement.

It is also a state that can be caused by overthinking .

What if you like yellow serum?

If it's a pleasant state, then you just have to enjoy the moment and follow your desires. It's a fairly universal rule because following your desires means trusting your subconscious , which knows better than you what you need and guides you towards balance and well-being.

If this state is not pleasant, rest and meditation will allow your body time to complete the cycle of change and achieve a pleasant balance.

In both cases, the application of a drop of yellow serum on the back of the hands, then rubbing the hands back to back and breathing deeply helps to reinforce or access a feeling of well-being. This application can be repeated up to 3 times a day and will contribute to your overall well-being.

As long as using the serum is pleasant, your body needs it.

On the other hand, as soon as the smell bothers you, you must stop using it.

Differentiate between a permanent or temporary yellow state

In psychonergetics, we distinguish between a temporary or permanent state . Temporary yellow states are generally induced by strong events such as a plane trip, a big change in personal (or professional) life or a surprise likely to destabilize.

The permanent yellow states are the states of creativity or empathy. Thus, professions which have a strong creativity like influencer, graphic designer or researcher as well as professions which require to be interested in others, such as doctors, beauticians or carers are often in a permanent yellow state.

It is possible to tell the difference between a permanent state and a temporary state by carrying out the diagnosis every day for a few days (or weeks) and observing the evolution.

If the preference for yellow serum does not change from day to day, then the permanent state is likely to be creativity. On the other hand, if the day-to-day diagnosis is irregular, then it is likely that the yellow condition is not permanent.

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