Friday tips : des huiles essentielles pour mon week-end

Friday tips: essential oils for my weekend


Every Friday, we offer advice to accompany your beauty and skincare routines. A product, a routine and a gesture: the perfect trio to start your weekend under the sign of well-being.

This week we offer you a summary of the essential oils to use for a well-deserved cocooning ritual after a hard week of work! First of all, it is necessary to identify what we need and what our body tells us. We often repeat it, in our natural, organic and holistic cosmetics laboratory, we believe in the power of emotions on our inner and outer beauty and we develop our product lines around a global vision of our body and our organism. For a lasting awareness and long-lasting well-being about us, as we are each made.

Essential oils are part of many of our products, from skincare treatments to nourishing creams and anti-aging treatments. We have also developed a range of natural, energetic and holistic products certified Quantum, established according to the principles of the 5 elements of traditional Chinese medicine. Among this range is the Emotional Cure PHYTO 5.

Based on aromatherapy and from essential oils, this cure offers 5 100% natural serums which are part of a process also inspired by traditional Chinese medicine and developed to balance the body and inner beauty. Just open the box, then smell the serums one after the other and see the effect that each scent has on your conscious, and especially your subconscious. This diagnosis allows you to choose each day the serum that does you the most good by using the one whose smell you like the most. You can then integrate it into your day cream (one to two drops) or apply a few drops inside the wrist.

This weekend, take a moment for yourself and think about your PHYTO 5 Emotional Cure .

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