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Plants in our skincare treatments


Since the dawn of time, plants have accompanied us daily in what we bring to our body, via our diet of course, but also and above all in cosmetics. And for good reason, our laboratory has never been so committed to developing product and skincare lines from plants and natural ingredients. Explanations.

“If we take nature as our guide, we will never go astray,” said Cicero.

This is a statement that we have placed at the center of our philosophy and at the heart of our research in natural, organic and holistic cosmetics .

Born from the association of herbal medicine and traditional Chinese medicine with Western aromatherapy, our brand PHYTO 5 has been established in Fleurier, Switzerland, since 1979.

From the start, our vocation is to offer you and beauty and wellness professionals the most complete holistic experience possible. 💫

This is why we are developing dermatological research programs in our independent laboratory that go beyond the simple search for active ingredients or ingredients. Resulting from both ancestral know-how and cutting-edge Swiss research, our skincare ranges and treatment protocols have the sole objective of revealing your beauty potential.

All our products, accessible here on our online store , are made on site in Switzerland, with high quality natural components 🌱 whose plants represent approximately 90% of the ingredients : algae, planktons, mineral substances (trace elements), oils essential oils, vegetable oils, vegetable butters; all formulated with pure spring water from the Val de Travers 💦 directly sent to our laboratory.

If the use of plants and their innumerable and varied virtues is thousands of years old in body care, we strive to practice this with the most total respect for what nature and our environment have to offer us. This is why our laboratory is Ecocert certified and our constantly high commitment to the constant challenges of sustainable development . ✨

Medicinal plants and their flowers represent an infinite source of inspiration in cosmetology and phytotherapy. The natural active ingredients that they can release for our skin are very coveted, all the more so because they are phenomena and formulas without artifice . This is exactly in line with this trend that has become the number 1 rule to reduce or even ban chemicals from our beauty and skincare products. It is now recognized and accepted that the more our skin treatments are natural, the more the latter will be preserved .

Rich in vitamins, plants offer a myriad of properties, adapted to each type of skin and each ailment it may face. Nourish, soothe, protect, hydrate, rebuild, regenerate, beautify the complexion, slow down skin aging, strengthen the hydrolipidic film, firm, heal, standardize... the list is still long to evoke all that plants have to offer us. Add to this a team of professional researchers who are passionate about developing and perfecting beauty and skincare treatments that are good for our body, our mind and our environment, and we recognize the hallmark of our laboratory . Whether it's our Swiss ranges, the 5 elements or our 100% ORGANIC Ageless La Cure range, we do everything we can to get the best out of the plants used, always with respect for nature. Jojoba, sage, shea, eucalyptus, nettle, potentilla, horsetail, olive, verbena, tamanu, sunflower, sweet orange, rose, ylang-ylang, guaiac wood, avocado… all these plants are at the heart of our formulas and make our unique care products in Swiss cosmetics. Not to mention aloe vera 🍀, which in the field of herbal medicine and beauty care finds little equal as its versatility in terms of benefits is so extensive. The most used substance is aloe vera gel, extracted from the leaves of the plant and composed of 98% water. The rest are nutrients and not just any, a real cocktail of active ingredients essential to the proper functioning of our body: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids.

This is why aloe vera is recommended and used in care for all skin types, its antibacterial, soothing, regenerating, moisturizing and anti-aging properties cover the broad spectrum of our different skin types: oily, dry, sensitive, irritated and even skin diseases or burns and sunburn. 🧡

We use it in our moisturizing creams such as the BIO Ageless La Cure extreme moisturizing cream , but also in our body milks such as the BIO PHYTO 5 body milk from the Swiss range.

Face care, body care or hair care, plants represent the fundamental raw material and the natural ingredients that define a range of quality and responsible products.

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