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How to choose the right facial cleanser?


It is the primordial and indispensable element of a daily skincare routine: the facial cleanser. Here's how to choose the right one that will make our skin deeply cleansed soft.

We are constantly told that the key to deeply cared for and healthy facial skin is the cleansing care we give it. Cleansing your skin every day in the morning and evening is fundamental both to maintain its texture, but also to obtain better results in terms of hydration and radiance. This is step number 1 in the skin care process, before hydration with a serum or cream. It is therefore essential to choose the right cleansing product, and since it is a question of cleaning your skin in depth, we can choose to pamper your skin by not attacking it with products containing soap that are not suitable for its fragility and that respect its natural pH. This action being to be practiced twice a day, it is all the more important to opt for natural , organic products made from natural cosmetic ingredients .

Our natural face cleansers

Among our care ranges, the 100% ORGANIC Ageless La Cure Cleansing Foam gives a healthy base, softened and refreshed at the same time to the skin of our face. Its little extra, its cleansing effect is combined with a make-up remover, so we can also apply it to the eyes with confidence: the Ageless cleansing foam cleans and removes make-up! A real time saver and above all, a mixture of natural ingredients studied and selected to offer the skin of the face both purification and protection.

To reinforce this protection, we can complete this cleansing with the Ageless La Cure Tonic Lotion . Regulating and astringent thanks to the presence of witch hazel water, it also has a soothing action on redness and irritation as well as a regenerating action thanks to rose water. On a daily basis, it moisturizes, awakens the complexion and reduces irritation due to limescale.

For oily and blemish -prone skin, the cleansing gel is also a good tool to gently cleanse the skin. Rich in 5 cereals (wheat, corn, rice, horsetail and buckwheat) and 5 trace elements, PHYTO 5 Cleansing Gel purifies and eliminates impurities and dead cells.

Gel, foam or lotion, the most important thing when cleaning your skin is to choose a gentle, non-abrasive treatment that is adapted to your skin type because it is our best ally on a daily basis .

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