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Choose your moisturizer


It is a must have in our toiletry bags, our skincare and beauty routines, the moisturizing cream for the face. Among a gargantuan choice of moisturizers on the cosmetics market, we show you how to choose the one that will be your best ally throughout the year.

Above all, our moisturizer must be suitable for our skin type and/or condition . Oily skin, sensitive skin, dry, dehydrated skin, acne-prone skin… it is essential to first know the nature and condition of your skin before adopting a skincare routine. In addition, our skin evolves over time, the care and treatments that we bring to it serve, for example, to regulate excess sebum, to maintain water in the different layers of the epidermis, to strengthen and protect the film hydrolipidic. If we can go from one skin condition to another, the important thing is to find a balance and this goes through the choice of our moisturizer.

This cream, which should accompany us all year round, is also to be chosen according to the seasons: we will need more hydration in summer or more natural protective agents against the extreme cold in winter. Temperatures, the sun, pollution are all disruptive factors that attack our skin and which, with its hydrolipidic film alone, cannot always protect itself. This is why a moisturizer must be applied without fail every day .

In our laboratory, we develop ranges of natural and 100% ORGANIC cosmetic products, which notably contain moisturizing creams adapted to the different needs of the skin. Among our Swiss range , three moisturizing creams are to be adopted according to our skin: the Acid cream with a pH similar to that of the skin, it is suitable for all skin types (even oily!) and the Face cream , a real concentrate of natural active ingredients that stimulate the functions of the skin so that it regenerates itself, it is recommended for dry and dehydrated skin . For oily and combination skin , we have developed Face Gel , an ultra-light gel-textured cream to moisturize the skin without leaving a greasy film.

In our 100% ORGANIC Ageless La Cure range, you also have the choice between the ORGANIC Extreme Moisturizing Cream , for dehydrated skin , the ORGANIC Nourishing Cream , suitable for dry and very dry skin or the ORGANIC Perfection Cream , which is suitable for dehydrated and dry skin with pigment spots .

Through our different ranges, we develop holistic cosmetic products , our philosophy being that natural beauty goes through inner beauty, and therefore all the care that needs to be provided.

Taking care of your skin on a daily basis is therefore also accompanied by a balanced diet, physical activities and times that you agree to reconnect with yourself .

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