Cet été, on emporte quoi comme produits skincare ?

This summer, what do we bring as skincare products?


It’s the holidays ☀️😎!

And because we deserve it, because it's OUR moment of relaxation and break, we're giving you a ✅ essential checklist of our natural and holistic products to take with you to cherish your sun-kissed skin.

Knowing which skincare products to take on vacation is always more or less a headache as we seek both to protect our skin but also to enhance it, and why not give it a competitive tan that will last until September for the lucky ones.

If the concern for beauty can sometimes prevail at this time of the year over that of health and well-being, we recommend that you put extra effort into protection and intense hydration 💦 of the skin, natural beauty will follow for sure!

Here are the products that we advise you to bring in your suitcases, to use without moderation to feel good in your skin, in your body and in your mind. ⛱️

Sulimate your body

First of all, a body scrub ! 🦵

Before exposure to the sun, the Zen BIO PHYTO 5 Body Scrub helps eliminate dead cells and activate regeneration, it leaves the skin soft, smooth and deeply hydrated.

Strengthen this hydration then with PHYTO 5 ORGANIC Body Milk , your best ally morning and evening thanks to the presence of olive squalane and Aquaxyl. The key holiday word for our skin remains HYDRA-TA-TION . Without restraint and especially after exposure to the sun!

Protect and repair your face

For the face, let's remember to continue cleansing our skin every day with Ageless La Cure ORGANIC Cleansing Foam , soothing and nourishing. Then use the Oligo 5 PHYTO 5 Spray or the Fire Tonic Lotion from the 5 elements range, which provide additional hydration and protection to our skin, which is put to the test by the sun's UV rays. Minerals play a very important role here in preserving our skin barrier from water stress. 💧

We then soothe and nourish the skin with the ORGANIC Ageless La Cure Extreme Cream . If pigmentation spots appear due to the sun, don't panic, the BIO Ageless La Cure Perfection Cream is there to reduce spots and even out the complexion thanks to its natural extracts of Edelweiss, Wakame and acid. phytic.

If after days of exposure to the sun 🌡️ you still feel your skin tight and dry, opt for the red Phyt'ether Serum from our Feu PHYTO 5 range, this 100% natural oily face serum calms and soothes sensitive skin by improving the blood circulation.

Finally, because our hair is not left out, keep a place in the toiletry bag for the Feu Shampoo from the PHYTO 5 5 elements range, nourishing, softening and antioxidant, it protects our scalp from the sun and makes our hair brighter.

With all these natural and holistic allies for us and our skin, we can only have a great vacation!

We wish them beautiful and sweet to you! 🥰🏖️

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