Cap sur l'été avec la routine nuit Feu

Heading into summer with the Feu night routine

The beauty of your skin reflects the inner balance of your body and your mind. When summer is on the horizon, it's essential to prepare, protect and nourish your skin so that it reflects the vibrancy of this vibrant season. The Feu PHYTO 5 night routine is precisely designed to help you welcome the summer heat with serenity and radiance.

Inspired by the ancestral wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine, this routine combines the pure essence of plants with contemporary science. The Fire range is specifically designed to harmonize the fire element within you, thus promoting a perfect balance between your body, your mind and nature. Perfect for summer, it helps your skin adapt to the heat, while offering a moment of relaxation and self-care.

The routine starts with Ageless cleansing foam. Infused with exotic verbena, lemon and orange essential oils, this mousse eliminates impurities while providing a toning and refreshing effect to your skin. Verbena oil soothes and calms the mind, while citrus fruits are known for their purifying properties and their ability to stimulate good mood.

Then, the Feu PHYTO 5 lotion, formulated with essential oils of lavender, marjoram, ylang-ylang and rosemary, offers a rejuvenation to your skin. Lavender soothes and regenerates, marjoram revitalizes and balances, ylang-ylang hydrates and rejuvenates, while rosemary tones and purifies. These oils work synergistically to restore your skin's natural balance, leaving it soft, smooth and radiant.

The Feu PHYTO 5 clay mask is the next step, a real detoxification treatment for your skin. The clay absorbs toxins and impurities, deeply purifying your skin and giving it an incomparable radiance.

The Phyt'Ether Feu PHYTO 5 brings an additional dimension to this routine. Its concentrated formula boosts the energy of the fire element, promoting a feeling of warmth, joy and enthusiasm. It helps revitalize your skin and brighten your complexion.

Finally, the Element Feu PHYTO 5 night cream envelops your skin in a cocoon of luxurious care. Its rich, nourishing texture deeply hydrates your skin while you sleep, leaving it soft, supple and rejuvenated when you wake up.

Embracing this Feu PHYTO 5 routine means embracing a holistic approach to skincare. It's allowing your skin to flourish in the warm energy and

radiant summer, while nourishing your spirit with well-being and relaxation. The benefits of these products go well beyond the surface of the skin: they affect the balance of your entire being. Let the fire element guide you towards a bright and serene summer season.

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