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Loving the red serum, being in joy


Understanding your balance means better managing your life and your well-being.

It is with this goal of well-being that we have developed for our beauticians and our clients an emotional diagnosis that allows everyone to probe their current emotional and physical balance.

The emotional cure , which comes from our diagnosis used in the treatment room, is used by smelling one by one the 5 serums of the box in a specific order ( green , red , yellow , blue , purple ) in order to determine which one the 'we prefer.

So if you prefer red serum, what does that mean?

The subconscious is several million times faster than the conscious. In order to put you on the path to health and well-being, the subconscious collaborates with your conscience to make you appreciate what is good for you or, conversely, hate what is bad for your well-being.

If you display a preference for red serum, your internal balance corresponds to the balance of joy .

The red serum is a quantum synergy of three organic essential oils of lavender , ylang-ylang and rosemary . This synergy is called quantum because it is energized using a technique invented by our laboratory in 2017. This energization gives them their emotional power .

Therefore, this serum is able to stimulate or restore the balance of joy. One of the 5 fundamental emotional balances of the human body .

Every day, outside forces like weather, environment and physical activity affect our balance. So are the inner influences of our mindset, thoughts, and physiology.

The body constantly adapts according to these internal and external influences to remain in as perfect a balance as possible. The seasons, for example, have an important influence on our balance. We have seen over the years that in temperate countries, most individuals are in the balance of joy and prefer red serum during the summer season .

It is said by extension that, in summer, the balance of joy is the natural balance of the summer season.

Understanding this emotional state

The balance of joy is an extroverted balance with a tendency to want to share and live together. If the state of joy is pleasant and therefore in balance, you take pleasure in meeting new people or sharing moments with your friends or family.

Sometimes, however, the balance of joy is unstable. In this case, you may feel hyperactive or that the slightest effort causes significant fatigue .

Like all situations of balance, for it to last, it is necessary to live in the present moment and to limit thoughts turned towards the past (memories), or towards the future (projections).

Take time with your friends without worrying too much about the time or the passage of time. This is an activity emblematic of the balance of joy.

Be aware that with each diagnosis, spaced a few hours apart, the result may be different. It's not uncommon to love a serum one day and dislike it the next. When the external or internal factors of our environment change, the balance of our body also changes.

To detect an imbalance, all you have to do is ask yourself the question: “ Do I feel good? ”. Another way is to note, during the diagnosis, the serums whose smell you do not necessarily like or those that you also like.

This situation of uncertainty happens when we are not perfectly anchored in a given psycho-energetic balance.

The different Fire imbalances:

  1. You like the green serum and also the red serum, it means that your body is in the balance of joy but that this balance is weak. In terms of morale, this can mean that you do not feel on top: excessive fatigue or over-excitement.
  2. You appreciate the red serum but not the purple, it also means that the balance is low.
  3. You love red serum and purple serum. In this case, it is possible that your body is in an excess of balance of joy. This excess can result in flushing of the face, over-excitement and the inability to sit still. It is often common that one is attracted to alcoholic beverages or consumption in general.

Our holistic tips for feeling good

To improve your balance, it is then advisable to use the red serum 2 to 3 times a day, one drop, on the back of your hands. By rubbing your hands back to back, after application, and bringing them to your face to inhale the scent of the serum, you will create an aromatherapy effect that will strengthen your current balance.

Food is also a factor that greatly contributes to the energy balance of the body. To feel good, adapting your diet to your balance is a very effective solution.

Our advice: eat foods that are red in color. These are normally seasonal produce such as tomatoes, peppers, radishes, beets and berries.

And in general, when it comes to food, it's important to eat the natural foods that you enjoy right now.

On the other hand, we advise you not to eat natural foods that you do not want in order to preserve a good balance.

In summary: Listen up!

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