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On your marks, get set, erase!


The sunny days are back ☀️ and with them the scrub season is in full swing. For those accustomed to getting a new look as the long-awaited tanning session on the beach approaches, here is a little treatise on the use of exfoliation.

The exfoliation is that moment in our skincare routine where we “ get a makeover ” 💆‍♀️, understand: we eliminate the old and make way for the new! Added to this great cleansing of the skin is soft and smooth skin.

Normally, exfoliating the skin of our and/or our face should be done once or twice a month, or even every week depending on your needs .

Today we are talking about scrub season because it is true that this exercise always experiences a resurgence at this time, because it also allows you to prepare your skin for the sun and promote what we call the release of melanin , the cells. responsible for the pigmentation of our skin. Basically, exfoliation is a deep cleansing of our skin, it eliminates dead cells to make way for new ones by activating their regeneration and draining the fluids under the skin. A 100% beneficial operation, therefore and above all necessary for a natural skin glow and a healthy skin barrier. However, be careful with this essential rule: a scrub is ALWAYS followed by deep hydration 💦 using a nourishing and protective cream. Some scrubs can hydrate your skin while exfoliating, but nothing replaces moisturizer , the essential pair of scrubs.

For natural 🍃 and holistic 💫 scrubs, two choices are available to us. The first is a rather gentle scrub, the Marine Scrub from our Swiss PHYTO 5 range , recommended for sensitive and dry skin. With its soft and refreshing gel texture, this scrub, rich in rice powder, jojoba pearls and wakame algae, gently exfoliates and effectively eliminates dead cells, leaving skin texture refined, skin soft and a more radiant complexion. .

Second option, the 100% ORGANIC Phyto-Peel scrub from our Ageless La Cure range .

Creamy scrub with the scent of cinnamon , it exfoliates dead cells using lotus seeds and shea shell. Rich in natural extracts of tropical fruits, it is also a scrub which acts by chemical action . A double scrub (grain and chemical action) therefore for a skin renewed, unified, and free of dead skin.

Make your choice, alternate, dose, but above all don't miss this event of the year where pampering your skin has never been so pleasant!

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